Village Hall Development

Information from the Calvert Green Parish Council (CGPC) and The Calvert Green Community Association (CGCA) on the 2017 project to develop our Village Hall.  

March 2017


Ground Works (click here)

Defibrillator (click here)

More updates to follow..............


January 2017

Over the past 12 years our local Community Centre has had to cope with a wide range of uses and users.  The lack of storage, a very small kitchen, and the single space for all occasions has limited when and what it can be used for.

After many months of hard work the start of the building of Calvert Green Village Hall is only a few weeks away.

Funding has been obtained with generous grants from ‘New Homes bonus' (NHB) and ‘FCC Waste Recycling Environmental Ltd’ (WREN), together with a long term Parish Council loan.

The plans have been on display in the hall for the last few months, and incorporate the existing hall, a new meeting room, a large kitchen, a lounge area with bar and patio, bigger storage areas, and improved toilet facilities.

Completion is hoped to be in late Summer, and look out for further updates from CGCA on Facebook as we keep Residents updated with regular Contractor Progress Reports.

Unfortunately, with the scope of building works to be undertaken the existing Hall has to close whilst construction takes place, and we trust Residents understand the need to close the building during this time, and believe the wait will be worth it!


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