Terms & Conditions

Calvert Green Community Hall Terms & Conditions for Hire


Hire of the Community Hall, including heating, kitchen, utensils and facilities is charged at;

£8 per hour              Private Hire Calvert Green / Calvert Residents (i.e. parties)*
£10 per hour Groups, Clubs and Business Rate*
£12 per hour Non-residents rate (all types of hire)*
£5 per hour Badminton **

* £100 surity to be paid within 7 days of the booking.
Hiring times should include set up and clear away time as needed and will be charged at the relevant rate. 

** Bookings for Badminton will only be taken 7 days in advance. No regular bookings available.


To hire the Calvert Green Community Hall please check the calendar for the hall availability and contact the bookings clerk via the booking form CLICK HERE 

The hire of the hall does not cover the use of the 'Village Green' Permission to use the green should be sought from AVDC.  Please  contact the CGCA for further details.


Payment is due IN FULL within 7days of the booking.

A Surety Bond of £100 is payable by Guaranteed Cheque at the time of the initial booking. This Surety Bond will be returned/destroyed only once the hall has been checked by a member of the CGCA after your hire on the condition that the hall has been left in acceptable order. The CGCA will notify the Hirer of any claims for deductions within 48 hours of completion of the Hiring such as damage, repairs or cleaning as a result of the hiring. 

Note:  All cheques to be made payable to:

“Calvert Green Community Association” or “C.G.C.A”

All Hirers must vacate the premises by the time specified in the booking, to enable subsequent hirers access, and to avoid additional hourly hiring fees.


  • The CGCA reserve the right to refuse any application for the hire of the Community Hall.  For commercial bookings the CGCA reserve the right to make enquiries into the standing of companies/person requesting a hiring.
  • The CGCA will arrange lighting, heating and access to facilities where necessary, but will not undertake any other duties in connection with the hiring. 
  • The hirer is responsible for the laying out of tables and chairs, providing access for third parties (i.e. disco or entertainers) and obtaining all necessary licenses (including DBS and public liability) for the hire.
  • The CGCA will require sight of any licenses issued on the Community Hall.
  • No decorations should be attached to the fabric of the building or extra lighting installed without the consent of the CGCA.
  • The use of smoke machines and sparklers are strictly prohibited due to their activation of the fire alarm.
  • Smoking is NOT permitted in any part of the building.
  • Animals are not permitted in any part of the building unless consent has been granted by the CGCA.  

The Hirer is responsible for the actions and damages caused by unruly or disorderly persons, during the Hiring.  The Hirer shall not permit any drunken or disorderly person, or any person deemed to be under the influence of drugs to remain in the Community Hall, for risk of damages, and will make arrangements for them to be escorted from the Community Hall as soon as possible.  No illegal drugs may be brought onto the premises. 


If the level of noise emanating from the Community Hall is deemed to be excessive by any CGCA member, a warning will be given.  If the noise continues at levels deemed to be excessive the CGCA reserve the right to terminate the Hire.  This does not affect any other terms and conditions of Hire, such as the retention of Surety Bonds/Hiring fees due.


The Community Hall should be left in a clean and tidy state. Table tops are to be wiped clean before being stored. Chairs are to be stacked neatly at the back of the hall; no more than 8 high and all floors must be swept and washed if required. Cleaning equipment is available in the cupboard near the disabled toilet. After cleaning of the Community Hall and emptying of bins, rubbish should be put into rubbish sacks and sealed.  The sacks should then be placed in the outside bins provided.  Any additional rubbish that will NOT fit into the bins shall be taken away by the Hirer. 


All electrical equipment, including disco and catering equipment, brought into the Community Hall must comply with the Electricity at Work regulations 1989 and should carry a current Test Certificate. If any brought in equipment is deemed to be unsafe by any member of the CGCA, the unsafe equipment must NOT be used. 


If the hiring is late at night, the Hirer is requested to advise their guests to leave the Community Hall quietly, closing car doors gently and to avoid loud talking outside the premises.


The CGCA holds an Entertainment License for the Community Hall under the name Calvert Green Community Hall. 

The available hours are:

9am – 11pm Monday to Thursday

9am – 12 Midnight Fridays/Saturdays

9am – 10:30pm Sunday

The Community Hall has a capacity of 120 people, standing/dancing or 80 people seated, and parking for a maximum of 35 cars.


You will need to seek permission from the CGCA if you intend to serve or sell licenceable products i.e. serve or sell alcohol. The CGCA are the Designated Premises Supervisors.

Where a licensable activity will take place, the hirer hereby acknowledges receipt of a copy of the conditions of the Premises License and/or operating Schedule for the premises, in accordance with which the hiring must be undertaken, and agrees to comply with all obligations therein.

In order to hold a licensable activity on the premises or on part of the premises not covered by the hall’s Premises License or where a hall does not have a Premises License, a Temporary Event Notice (TEN) will need to be given to the licensing authority.

The Hirer shall obtain the written consent of the CGCA before giving the licensing authority a TEN. Failure to do so will result in cancellation of the hiring without compensation because there is a limit on the number of TENs which can be granted annually for any premises. Lack of co-operation could affect future fundraising by the hall management committee and local voluntary organisations.


The Community Hall has designated car parking for all users.   Cars should be parked considerately.  The CGCA does not accept any responsibility whatsoever for vehicles and their contents whilst parked on the premises and hirers are advised to inform their guests to lock their cars.


The Hirer shall be aware of the location of fire exits and ways out of the building, and the location of fire extinguishers and fire blankets.

IN THE EVENT OF A FIRE evacuate the premises in an orderly manner using the exits.

Call the Fire Brigade, Calvert Green Community Hall is located at

Cotswolds Way, Calvert Green, Buckingham, MK18 2FJ.

  • DO NOT attempt to investigate smoke escaping from a closed room or store.
  • DO NOT attempt to put the fire out.
  • DO NOT stop to collect belongings.
  • DO set off the fire alarm on your way out.
  • DO get everyone out and away from the building and perform a roll call.
  • DO NOT re-enter the building until advised by the Fire Brigade.


Carry out First Aid, and if appropriate call an ambulance. The Calvert Green Community Hall is located at; Cotswolds Way, Calvert Green, Buckingham, MK18 2FJ.

A First Aid box is kept in the kitchen and all incidents must be recorded in the Accident Book located in the kitchen.


The CGCA has Public Liability Insurance in place, but it does not cover people/organisations that use the hall for profit or business purposes.

  1. The Hirer is responsible (and will be recharged) for any damage to the premises, furniture and fittings.
  2. The Hirer is responsible for leaving the premises in a clean and tidy condition, as it was found, and may be recharged for any additional cleaning due to misuse of the premises.
  3. The CGCA and Parish Council will not be held responsible to the Hirer or any other person for damage to or the loss, theft or removal of any personal property arising from the hiring.
  4. The CGCA and Parish Council will not be held responsible for any loss, damage or injury arising from any cause whatsoever or for any loss due to machinery breakdown, electricity failure, leakage of water, fire, Government restriction, industrial action or Act of God, which may cause the Community Hall to be temporarily closed, or the hiring interrupted.
  5. The Hirer shall indemnify the CGCA and Parish Council from and against all claims, actions, demands and proceedings in respect of any damage, injury, loss, theft or removal or any loss sustained by any person in consequence thereof.
  6. The Hall is used entirely at the Hirer’s own risk. The CGCA and Parish Council accept no responsibility for any persons or their actions during any time the hall is hired out.
  7. The Hirer must notify the CGCA of any incidents within 24 hours of the Hiring and must check that outside bars, caterers and mobile discos have third party liability insurance in case of injury from their equipment.
  8. No copyright work should be performed in the Community Hall without the consent of the copyright owner.  The CGCA will not be liable for any claims, demands, actions and proceedings arising out of any infringement of copyright or the unauthorized playing or use of any recording apparatus occurring during the hiring.


The CGCA reserves the right to change or alter these terms and conditions of Hire.

Any questions or concerns please do not hesitate to contact us

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